Unicorn Birthday Cake And Cupcakes Decorating Ideas

This chocolate cake recipe takes a few extra steps and a little more time than using a box mix. But the results are definitely worth it. It is a decadent, rich cake that will have everyone begging you for the recipe.

To give your frosted cake a glossy finish, you can use a hair-dryer on medium heat over the outside of the cake (right before serving). To cut fat, try baking without greasing even if the recipe instructs to do so. You can just place a waxed paper liner to fit the bottom, then pour in the batter. This will also help remove the finished product cleanly. For high varieties, you'll want to still grease and flour sides of pans if specified. Preheat the oven first before starting, make sure the rack is in the center (unless directed differently) and keep tin in the center of the rack. If you're baking more than one at a time, keep them at least 2″ away from the walls of the oven and from each other. Get the Key Lime Cake recipe by Alaska from Scratch

A prepared, pasteurized egg white based powder that produces Color Flow icing when mixed with water and confectioners' sugar. Used to create decorations to be placed on a cake. First the decoration is outlined on wax paper with regular strength color flow. Then the color flow is thinned and allowed to flow into the outlined area. Once dried the piece is removed from the wax paper and placed on marshmallows, sugar cubes, or wax paper or parchment paper outline so that the decoration does not come into contact with the grease or Chocolate Bakery Las Vegas humidity of the icing.

Butter cakes, also called shortened cakes or creamed cakes, contain butter, margarine or vegetable shortening, which contribute to a finely textured, tender and moist cake. When you go to the trouble to make a homemade cake, making sure the cake is done is an important process. No one wants a cake that is either still raw in the middle, or dryer than day old bread. There is no one hard and fast rule for making sure that a cake is done in terms of cooking temperatures and times. Each cake will bake slightly different according to its ingredients, the oven you are using, and the size of the baking pan or dish. Get the No Bake Milk Chocolate Bailey's Truffle Cake recipe by How Sweet It Is Here is the recipe for the FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE Mini Chocolate Cake

Place pans in the center of a pre-heated oven — not too close to the top or bottom — for even baking. If your recipe already includes self-raising flour, take it easy on the baking powder/bicarbonate of soda. It can make your cake taste bitter and slightly fishy. Chilling leftover butter icing turns it into fudge. No really. Lastly, I need to mention cupcake liners and wrappers. When baking a chocolate cupcake, plain wrappers work the best. The pretty printing on some wrappers just disappears with chocolate cake – so it can be a waste. It is best to use the fancy printed liners and wrappers with a lighter colored cupcake Whole eggs are also commonly used to glaze numerous baked goods as they contribute color and shine during baking. Brown Butter Pound Cake

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