Scholl Concept's SW40 Spray Wax

The Television Writers Vault is the television industry's first and only website to bring new TV Show Ideas to global broadcast from Writers & Creators outside of the Hollywood system. Excuse me for harshing anyone's mellow, but at no point does Las Vegas Entertainment Company design professionalism allow for planned compromise or for entertainment and distraction as substitutes for effectively addressing a client's unique design challenges.

A show that branded the cable network of Bravo with a Network Hit”, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” was a simple and entertaining formula that brought opposite worlds together when hapless straight guys are thrown to the mercy of five gay experts in all that is hip and chic, in hopes of resurrecting their lifestyle and appearance.

Shows like MTV Bakra remain humorous to the people who are watching it, but social experts often challenge whether the emotional trauma that a participant goes through is justified in the name of entertainment.

I realized then that having a tight budget had probably helped our design, not hindered it. It caused us to design the show to focus guest attention on our strength-King Kong and the New York set behind him-and thus the guests never looked at our weaknesses.

To make TV Entertainment more appealing and lucrative, media experts in the past few years have advocated a method of mixing ‘real' and ‘unreal' imagery and events. My strong presumption is, that whatever the entertainment media does - the ‘real' value of TV, which is very negligible, will always remain the same.

This has allowed O2 Media the unique opportunity to fund and produce successful shows and test brand concepts for marketers. We fish for ideas, we take those ideas and create our own unique range of arts, entertainment and individual understanding of the world.

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