I suppose that that for my first weblog publish about Genesis Pure, it would solely be appropriate to give a quick overview of the company. I acquired on the cellphone with customer service and very clearly explained to them that I need to ""terminate my membership"" with Genesis Pure. I requested the customer support consultant if we may do that over the cellphone instantly and he told me that so as to do so, I will need to fax and signal a letter to Genesis Pure. He emailed me the letter, and inside Genesis Pure that very same day, I faxed the letter that clearly and concisely described my intention to terminate my Genesis Pure membership. Moreover, I faxed a letter that clearly and concisely described my intention to terminate my Genesis Pure membership. The largest optimistic that Genesis Pure has going for it's the truth that it's new.

A pyramid scheme is "characterised by the cost by contributors of money to the company in return for which they receive (1) the correct to promote a product and (2) the best to receive in return for recruiting other contributors into the program rewards which are unrelated to sale of the product to final customers" ( ).

WASHINGTON - David L. Johnson and Michael L. Putnam have been sentenced today following their convictions for tax crimes associated to their involvement in the Genesis Fund, the Justice Department and Inside Income Service (IRS) announced.

I actually sat by their shows and while I do give them some props for their efforts, ultimately it's still a pyramid scheme to me. Their merchandise nevertheless do appear fairly nice a I've purchased a couple of things from their ‘well being and wellness' class.

The underside line is this: if a new distributor is provided with legitimate advertising coaching, which educates them within the ways to locate and capitalize on the proper customer base - a bunch of people who are already looking for a line of merchandise that provide the benefits that the Genesis Pure merchandise have to supply - sales will probably be made and revenue WILL be generated.

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