Tai Chi, The Fitness Mantra

Main Lecturer Master Shi Xing Liao, the 32nd Martial Art Monk in Shaolin Temple, International Health Preserving and super Qi Gong master and famous buddhist doctor. It should be pointed out that it may take a few years of regular practice with an instructor who knows how to apply the movements in order to use the internal martial arts effectively. During the practice of internal Kampfsport martial arts and some types of qigong the weight is constantly shifting from left to right. Therefore internal energy cultivation exercises would be the one of the easiest ways to translate the term into English. In China the term can be used to describe a wide variety of exercises ranging from meditation to conditioning exercises for martial artists.

This has given everyone of all Kampfkunst ages, sexes, and levels of health and fitness, the opportunity to greatly benefit from these life-enhancing teachings and traditions. The Qi Healing System and Medical Qigong Therapy use Qigong to enhance all aspects of healing and energetic expression, and also teaches different styles to suit the needs of a wide range of people. The second chapter focuses on Wai Dan Qigong and the third chapter focuses on Nei Dan Qigong.

The next step and objective in the martial arts training system of Wujifa is when the practitioner working with these concepts we've talked about begins to notice through sinking of the weight, the appearance of the fascial stretches.

In both China and India, artifacts from 2,000 to 4,000 years old have been found with paintings of people striking possible martial arts poses. Qigong , one of the oldest systems that may be considered a martial art, is believed by some historians to be 5,000 years old or older, originating in ancient China. Martial arts involve intellectual concepts as well as physical techniques, and have been influenced by many of the religious and philosophical systems of the East. Chinese Confucianism was concerned with ethical behavior in daily life, and martial arts often address these concerns.

One incredible quality of Qigong is that if you're ill qigong exercises can take away the blockages which cause your sickness and if you're healthy, the same qigong exercises can assist you to continue being that way and even improve your overall health.

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