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We are among the leading web hosting providers in the world. We have satisfied more than 200,000 customers within the last 2 yrs. Our customers are happy because of the unlimited services they obtain from us. As soon as you sign up at GoogieHost, you become an integral part us. At GoogieHost you obtain unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth transfer, unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited sub-domains, limitless addon domains, plus much more.

Unlimited Disk Space:

How limited disk space on a server can be bad for your website? Well, the answer is in many ways. If you wish to create a media website and upload files to your online disk, after that limited disk space will be big problem for you. Should you have a blog and you publish at the very least 5 content articles with images weekly, then within one year your disk space could easily get eaten up. However when you obtain unlimited disk space you can do anything. It is possible to create the internet site of your dreams and nothing will stop you from performing that.

Unlimited Bandwidth Transfer:

When you develop a website you will need a server but this server requirements an internet connection to connect your website to the world. Most of the free of charge hosting providers limitation this connection in the title of monthly bandwidth move. For instance if a hosting company is only offering 1 GB of monthly bandwidth limit in that case your website on the server will only have the ability to use that 1 GB data. If the limitation exceeds, your site will proceed down and will not come online back until the next month.

But in GoogieHost we offer our customers with unlimited bandwidth transfer. You can create any type of website and your visitors can visit your website for unlimited times however your website will not go offline. This is a promise from us.

Unlimited Sub-Domains and Addon Domains:

If you look at the majority Unlimited Free Hosting of the free web hosting providers you will discover they mention a assistance for just a few sub-domains and addon domains. This makes many people unhappy who plan to create multiple internet sites in long term. GoogieHost understands your preferences, which is why we provide unlimited sub-domains and unlimited addon domains support. You can host any numbers of website about the same account without any problem.

Unlimited E-mail Accounts:

If you are developing a website then you will surely need few E-mails at yourdomain.com. But if you will host multiple websites about the same account then you might need many E-mail accounts for all of your websites.

It is possible to create unlimited number of E-mail accounts at GoogieHost without any problem. This enables webmasters to provide a nice experience to their website visitors. They are able to create different E-mail makes up about different needs like admin@yourdomain.com for enabling the visitors to contact admin, support@yourdomain.com for enabling the visitors to ask for support and posts@yourdomain.com for enabling the people to send articles.

Unlimited MySQL Databases:

If you strategy to produce a dynamic website then you will certainly require a database. And if you will create multiple dynamic internet sites on single account you then will need multiple databases. Several hosting providers, even the premium one, only allow up to 5 databases about the same account. But GoogieHost, although being a free web hosting provider, allows users to create unlimited MySQL databases on a single account.

The List Doesn’t End:

These are the only real a few providers that you get at GoogieHost, as soon as you sign up you will find unlimited amount of unlimited solutions awaiting for you personally. And there is absolutely no concealed or activation fee to obtain these services.

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