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ALTOONA, Pa. - It's been nearly a month since a juvenile fell through a skylight at a Blair County school, and now, the child who fell is facing charges, along with two other children. Just a comment as to risks, team sports seem to have way higher rates of injury than parkour. In my 6 years of parkour I've never seen the same frequency of injuries in jams and training sessions. However, general fitness training while not on duty could incorporate Parkour into it. Your balance would improve, your upper body strength would certainly increase from muscle ups and wall climbs, and your lower body would benefit from precision jumps and learning proper landings. I know military carry to much weight, but it could be quite useful in the police front.

Hopefully the letter and the warning will have the desired effect, and this group will work with others, the Council, the Police Parkour and other agencies to determine what is and is not acceptable, and ultimately to find a suitable site, and I will do all I can to help with that. The police and Wirral Community Patrol Officers have regularly and repeatedly asked the young people to not climb on the buildings; I consider this to some extent to be engagement. We have and continue to work alongside members of the British Parkour Coaching Association, TRACE and Movement Matters.

What the council and merseyside police both need to understand and accept is that just because a small minority of youths are damaging property does not give them the right to instantly point blame at the free running community. In mid-April, Altoona police said that around 3:30 p.m., an alarm was triggered at Penn-Lincoln Elementary School after the child fell through a skylight.

I'm not saying they use it to a masters degree, but most people don't even know what parkour is, never mind know what it feels like. There was a theory test done in 2006, where it was discussed that parkour may become the main form of transportation as civilisation grows to big. Even if that is not the case, I still think it essential that police, being in their line of work, must know some of the basic elements to parkour. Bad weather-either frequent rain or ice/snow-takes away the jumps (and gives motor vehicles the clear edge), and where the obstacles aren't there, tasers, guns and lines of sight are all clear for the police officer, and his co-workers.

Me and my mates have been practicing parkour for a few years and we have this game that we do on some nights where we climb onto a crazyhowtos building, set off the alarm, and run away from the cops when they get there. We also realized that the most interesting abandoned places are not only well concealed, but are well guarded by security and police. Manage the settings of all your videos at once using Global Video Settings It's multi-tasking at its best.

Nobody, council or police has ever tried to engage with myself and the members of parkours community to address the issue and at no point has there been any effort to find out what the root of this problem really is. If this had been done preemptively to this ‘ban' now in place we could have easily came up with a solution together and resolved these issues in the Moreton area.

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