All About Miranda LambertÕs Bathroom Sink

"Bathroom Sink" by Miranda Lambert depicts inner conflict nearly everyone goes through in life, all being reflected upon while getting prepared at the restroom sink. The production has a more mellow beginning, starting off with just Miranda as well as a guitar.Afterward, it opens up right into the full blown country rock creation.

The "Bathroom Sink" lyrics are about staring at your reflection while getting ready and reflecting on some of the trials and problems of life. The first portion of the song miranda lambert bathroom sink song focuses more on the past, focusing on significant subjects like family problems, rejection, and regret.

Subsequently, in the closing verse, the focus turns to the present where she prays for steadiness and experiences gratitude for God's patience. She also talks about taking her medication, which further adds to the vulnerability of thesong.

On her ÒPlatinum Spotify CommentaryÓ Album, Miranda declares, ÒItÕs scary to have a song like bathroom sink on the record. It kinda reminds me of a song... more like ÒHurtÓ or ÒLoveÕs Looking for YouÓ ... I wrote it by myself. ItÕs vulnerable... and I canÕt say, ÔWell that was so-and-soÕs emotionÕ Ôcause thereÕs no one else to blame it onÓ

Personally, I feel it is that amount of realness which makes thissong so relatable. Beyond being played at the CMA awards last week, this tune has not seen much media interest, but you will find loads of artists that have taken Miranda Lambert's song and covered it. Included here is one of one of them.

This Bathroom Sink cover is performed by the Diamond Dixie, a sister duet out of Central Florida. In it, they keep a lighter, more intimate production that has only guitar and vocals, which adds to the song's vulnerability. Hope you enjoy it!

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