How To Optimize Pins For Pinterest Search

Badge holders are plastic cases that hold and protect your paper name badge. It saddens me that some artists are taking the stance of being so unsharing & possessive about their art being used in such a harmless manner So-what if some housewives, or college kids use our art to decorate their MySpace Page or create an avatar, or add our art to a Pinterest board like a scrapbook?! Use this information to measure how much traffic Pinterest generated for your site.

Now's the time to go back through your old posts and add images if there aren't any already, or upgrade if they could use improvement. Pinterest starts users off with a bunch of default boards but you can either delete or rename these according to your preferences. For example, if someone likes the christmas décor in the latest Martha Stewart online magazine, then pins it to their board, then someone else shares that photo on their blog via the embed html button, now Martha Stewart's photo, which has a copyright on it, is now on someone else's website, without permission.

I do simple thing to outsource it on fiverr and got my site pinned by more than 70 people, I don't know how can he did it just search by typing pinterest on fiverr and you will find it. Can you attach your Pinterest account as well as your website, this way I'm able to make more customizable recommendations. It was so interesting to see how none of the pins were related to your bed, and instead relied heavily on the shape and colors of it all. I just experienced this Pinterest phenomenon for the first time this morning.. pretty frickin' lame. If it is a bad link or leads to spam, there is a button on each pin to report it to Pinterest.

Our Pin4Ever backup can protect your pins, and it's so quick and easy, we've saved almost a million pins already! Personalization - this site is where you choose whether you want your Pinterest activity to only be connected with Pinterest or whether you want Pinterest to be connected with every site that you go to. You have two choices to check off. After you pin a new image using the very handy Pinterest browser bookmarklet (a great tool in its own right,) use its built-in social media prompts to re-share your pin on Twitter and Facebook, too. Pinterest is a fantastic platform for content curation, and smart companies are using it for that purpose.

This lets you encourage them to share your products via Pinterest without disrupting the checkout flow, as the purchase has already been completed. That entire board appears on the screen and across the top are Edit Board, Send Board, a small box with <> in it, (a number of) pins and (a number of) followers. Usually when I'm researching, I collect my findings in a bookmark folder in Firefox and/or I create a Pinterest board for them. My speculation is that Pinterest scrapes the url, or the webpage and takes that into consideration into its search algorithm.

I have searched on terms I know are on my own board names or pin descriptions and nothing comes up. It seems you have to know someone is on Pinterest and then begin following them... so I don't know if a business can acquire new followers by someone generically searching on their subject matter if the search engine is so weird. In Connected Accounts Settings, select your Pinterest account to open Pinterest Settings. After you upload an image to Pinterest, make sure that you edit your pin to add a link.

It can be tempting to think that because Pinterest is all about images, words don't matter. If you follow the Add logo on Pinterest guidelines I listed above, you shouldn't have any problems with using Pinterest. There are two methods you can use to implement Rich Pins; oEmbed or Semantic Markup ( or Open Graph templates). While I'm happy to have pictures pinned, I don't want the Pinterest link to go directly to the jpg file but rather to the page that the photo was used on. This will enable you to add a meta description (Search Description) when you create a new blog post or edit an old one. The huge majority of pins that were searched based on a keyword, I believe, are found using this particular method.

Any company that truly tried to make money off of other people's images like some people think Pinterest is going to would get buried in lawsuits. Log in to your Pinterest profile using either your Internet browser or your mobile application on a device like an iPhone or iPad. Because long images are not always a good choice as the main image on your blog, you can always add a few at appropriate places in the body of the article, then add a Pin It button to that section. If the product you feature in the image doesn't already have your logo on the label, it is best to include either your company name, logo, website URL, or twitter handle to the image somehow.

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