Mile IONIQ To Be Followed By 200

You're now logged in as and will receive alerts when price changes, new offers become available or a vehicle is sold. The lightweight and added safety of a strong high tensile steel body also allows better dynamic ride and handling at its core, a characteristic that should set the IONIQ apart from other hybrid vehicles (think the very conservative Toyota Prius as an example).

The Hyundai Ioniq will also cater for drivers looking to integrate their smartphone with the vehicle's 2017 Hyundai Ioniq infotainment system by providing both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The cabin is otherwise quite conventional, with the hybrid and the plug-in getting console-mounted shifters and the electric model offering push buttons to select gears. Neither price includes the government's Plug-in Car Grant (PiCG), but the Hyundai is expected to be eligible for the grant which will take £4,500 off the price of the new model.

In regard to home-charging the Ioniq EV needs just under four-and-a-half hours for a full charge or 23 minutes for an 80 per cent charge on a fast charger. Then things start to diverge, with the plug-in being more than just a hybrid with a plug. Estimated Entrance and Value: All of us be expecting this brand-new Hyundai hybrid car show up sometimes subsequent calendar year as being a 2017 design. In combination with the 1.6-GDI engine Ioniq Hybrid offers a system output of 103.6 kW (141 PS) rpm and up to 265 Nm of torque accelerating to a top speed of up to 185 km/h with targeted CO2 emissions as low as 79 g/km (combined). Inside, Hyundai has replaced the conventional shift and parking-brake levers on the tunnel with a set of buttons and the controller for the interactive display in the center of the dashboard. And Hyundai doesn't seemed concerned over these longer range cars cannibalizing sales of IONIQ.

IONIQ Electric prices start from £28,995 for the Premium specification, with equipment including Automatic Windscreen Wipers with Rain Sensor, 16” alloy wheels, LED headlamps and rear combination lamps and Advanced Smart Cruise Control. Hyundai's approach for the Ioniq line delivers an uncompromising design and driving experience coupled with the latest in safety and convenience technologies, making it an appealing choice for a wide range of buyers. Hyundai New Zealand is rather obviously aware of this, and is very keen on getting th Ioniq here in the next six months. If the price is anything to go by, the Ioniq is bursting out of the saloon bar with all guns blazing.

With the larger battery pack mounted mostly below the rear seats (you do lose 93 litres of boot capacity from the Hybrid's 443-litre load space), the Ioniq Electric apparently has a lower centre of gravity than the latest Golf GTI , so it corners harder than the Hybrid, too, and unexpectedly seems to ride better.

Even in its first year it is expected almost to match sales of the standard hybrid and by 2018 will be outselling it. The all-electric version of the Ioniq is unlikely to be the most popular model in the range but it does boast some impressive statistics with its 88kw electric motor giving it a 9.9-second 0-to-60mph time and a 103mph top speed as well as a decent 174-mile total electric range.

Luckily in this instance however, fuel economy tests in South Korea are close enough to the EPA test cycle that any quoted figure is likely to represent an achievable range figure rather than an outlandishly impossible theoretical maximum — as is the case with both the Japanese JC08 and European NEDC test cycles.

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